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Battling the pandemic on the Cloud

Running a business is never easy. When dealing with a global health concern, this difficulty rapidly expands and forces many business owners to adapt in order to survive. We have seen many changes made by business owners and have helped many others transition towards a system which allows organizations to become more efficient – even in such trying times.

At Asyma Solutions, it is our mission to assist businesses through expert technological and management expertise tailored to their needs. We believe that businesses should have their technology work for them.

This principle is especially key when remote work is required. Finding ways to move operations online is critical. There are many paths to accomplish this and we want to provide everyone with a foundational understanding of how working together while being apart has never been easier.

  • Cloud platforms such as SOS (Click Here) & Azure (Click Here) allow businesses to keep existing IT services, while unlocking the benefits of remote access
  • Moving to the cloud enables employees to access the information they need anytime and anywhere with an internet connection
  • Consolidating processes through technology not only grants remote access, but also hold the potential to uncover new areas of efficiency and cost-savings
  • Evaluate operations as you move away from the office: consider implementing new software to better meet your needs in a remote-working world (Sage Intacct is a fully-integrated accounting software hosted on the cloud, more info available here)

It goes without saying that we will all feel the effects of this global pandemic for quite some time. Adverse effects on your business can snowball if left unattended and beginning by evaluating the technology working for you is a good place to start. If you would like to know more about Asyma Solutions and what we do to support businesses, please visit our website Click Here

For more information about COVID-19 specific solutions, please see the following message provided by Asyma co-founder and President Keith Greeno Click Here 

From all of us at Asyma, we wish you and your family well.

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