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Financial Systems for First Nations Organizations

Asyma Solutions supports First Nations organizations looking for software solutions that streamline processes and account for their unique goals.

Financial Systems for First Nations Organizations

Asyma Solutions supports First Nations organizations looking for software solutions that streamline processes and account for their unique goals.

First Nations organizations often manage multiple portfolios with distinct priorities, from human resources to data management and beyond. The challenge here is finding software that can handle each individual piece while seamlessly integrating as a whole. 

Solutions to Move Your Organization Forward

Your organization is distinct and deserves solutions beyond one-size-fits-all software. When you work with Asyma, you get support catered to your needs.

With our Integrated Services Plan, we will:
      - recommend the best software for your unique requirements,
      - guide a smooth implementation process,
      - and provide initial training on your new system;

As your partner, we will also remain available for:
      - ongoing support and training,
      - launching additional system enhancements,
      - and even process documentation.

This solution is designed for your financial convenience. Rather than requiring a substantial investment up-front, our monthly payment plan makes budgeting easy. You can plan on pre-determined monthly costs while enjoying the benefits from Day 1.

Financial System Audit

We take the guesswork out of implementing change through an in-depth analysis of your current software and processes. We will identify gaps and opportunities and provide you with recommendations to improve your financial systems.

Finanical Software Implementation

When it’s time to transition your financial systems, our team is there to ensure a smooth process. We bring years of diverse industry experience and have helped hundreds of businesses successfully implement new software systems based on their distinct needs. 

System Enhancements

As you use your software, you might uncover opportunities to adopt new functionality. We can help with add-ons, customizations, and configurations that enhance your software experience and suit your business’s exact needs.

Financial Process Documentation

Our team has in-depth experience in documenting financial processes and will provide you with clarity on how your organization operates financially. We document policies, standard operating procedures, and KPIs related to financials to ensure your team has a shared understanding of workflows, improving efficiency and consistency. 

Ongoing Support & Training

Make the most of your financial software through ongoing support and training. As you need it, access support for software and technical issues from our system experts and accounting assistance with our in-house CPAs. We guarantee a same-day response. 

What’s the Guarantee?

If you are not 100% satisfied with our services and software implementation, you will receive a 100% return.

Accounting Solutions for First Nations Organizations

The financial system you use sets the stage for your organization’s success moving forward. We work with your team to analyze software options against your unique needs, helping you make an informed decision and move forward with confidence in your choice.

For First Nations organizations, we recommend either Sage Intacct or Sage 300c. The best option for you depends entirely on what your organization’s goals are and how you intend to use your software. 

Sage Intacct

  • Includes user-based dashboards
  • Includes user-created reports
  • Uses integrated third-party software for payroll
  • An entirely cloud-based software

Sage 300c

  • Includes general view dashboards
  • Includes generic reporting functionality
  • Features in-house payroll functionality
  • Cloud-hosted, on-premises software

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Financial software recommendations for your business in 3 minutes.

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It starts with a conversation.

There’s no one-size fits all to creating effective accounting systems. So we first need to get to know you a little bit to understand your organization’s needs, current issues, and future opportunities.

If there seems to be a good fit, we’d move on to a full needs analysis, a cost/benefit analysis, and then a project proposal. But the first step is just to get to know each other, and there’s no pressure to move forward past there. So let’s connect!

First Nations Organizations We Work With

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  • Piruqsaijit Ltd Logo
  • Siksika Family Services Corporation Logo

Get More Out of Your Accounting Software

Customizations, add-ons, and additional services can help you leverage your solution even further. We offer options that help First Nations organizations take their success to the next level.

Sage Intacct Basic Project Tracking

Create project records with descriptive elements, and tag select financial transactions. Actuals are accumulated in a summary for reporting. 

Sage Intacct Time and Expense

Enter draft timesheets, submit them, and track employee hours. Supports employee expense entry, approval workflows, and employee reimbursement.

Sage Intacct Fixed Assets

Enables you to easily add & track assets, including serial numbers, warranty information, and depreciation.

Sage Intacct Spend Management

Automatically manages a company’s spending against predetermined budget, configures prevention of overspending, and provides insights into financial bottom line.

Sage Intacct Multiple Entry Package

Create and maintain up to 1,000 business entities. Includes basic multi-entity rollup. 


Sage Intacct Domestic Consolidations

Includes multi-entry consolidations in a single currency, inter-entity eliminations, reporting, and analytics.

Interactive Custom Report Writer (ICRW) - Run Only

Enables you to run reports that are created by implementation partners. It does not allow creating, editing, or deleting reports. 


Sage Intacct - Nonprofit Digital Board Book

Provides three dashboards with insight components that provide real time, industry-specific key metrics enabling nonprofits to easily analyze their financial health and performance over time.

Sage Intacct Grants Tracking and Billing

Allows you to create records with descriptive elements and tag select financial transactions. When combined with nonprofit revenue recognition, it enables revenue recognition based on milestones.

Improving financial processes to increase efficiencies.


Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation

Location: Alberta, Canada

Industry: Nonprofit - Public Administration

System: Sage 300c (Accounting, Payroll)

Lacking the tools to effectively process financial transactions was holding the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation back. Asyma worked with them to implement Sage300 (Accounting, Payroll) and together they developed processes that would elevate their efforts moving forward. 

“We continue to make improvements to our processes. We are able to access unlimited support for a set monthly fee without the worry of additional charges.”

Valarie Alexis 



It’s never too late to learn how to leverage your accounting software.

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Athabasca Catering

Location: Saskatoon, SK

Industry: Nonprofit - Public Administration

System: Sage 300c  (Accounting, Payroll), Sage HRMS, Enablecore Bar Coding, Manusonic Time Tracking

As an existing Sage300 customer, Athabasca Catering had a software with impressive capabilities, but needed to fill the gaps on how best to leverage it. By integrating Sage 300 (Accounting, Payroll), Sage HRMS, Manusonic Time Tracking, and Enablecore Bar Coding, Asyma was able to help them improve their processes, reduce duplicate data entries, reduce administration time, and ultimately grow their company.

“Asyma provides us with exceptional service and management support. The review of our processes gave us a clear direction on improvements possible and recommended steps to proceed.”

Linda Vanderlinde, Controller at
Athabasca Catering 


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“We continue to make improvements to our processes. We are able to access unlimited support for a set monthly fee without the worry of additional charges”.

— Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation

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“The project to cleanup inventory could not have gone better. Thank you Dick and Asyma for a job well done.”

— Athabasca Catering

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"Asyma is very knowledgeable and listens to the issues … they provided us with a good analysis of our processing requirements." 

— Acden Group

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Guaranteed ROI

Our satisfaction guarantee means, if you are not satisfied with our services, you will receive a 100% return. 



Our experienced consultants have earned Asyma one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in North America.

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Fixed Pricing

Know your total cost up front. The price will never increase after what is agreed upon.

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