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Project Management - Guesswork or Certainty?

Asyma Solutions Posted by Keith Greeno
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Posted on February 6, 2020 at 10:03 PM

Imagine a world where all project information is available anytime, anywhere; where the collection of time, equipment, and material usage in the field is integrated daily into all projects for reporting. In this world, data flows seamlessly and instantly throughout the system, you can see the areas that are over and under budget, and you trust that progress billings include all the correct, up-to-date job costs. Your personalized user dashboard shows key reports and indicators that provide a snapshot of the operational health of your whole business at a glance: cash position, change orders, project profitability.

Why not eliminate the guesswork for construction project management by using technology that currently exists?  Efficiency helps with certainty, but effectiveness can CREATE certainty. By using technology effectively, YOU are in control of your projects with accurate information about each job’s progress and related budget-to-actual comparisons - a high-definition view of all your projects is a mere click away. Without technology, data is entered multiple times, resulting in ineffective reporting with limited project information which is generated well after it would have been useful.

There are many temporary stopgap solutions out in the market that appear to offer help - they are often standalone or non-integrated applications and provide only part of the total construction solution, requiring you to look in multiple locations for project information.  When these systems don’t communicate with each other, you can’t be sure whether the information is consistent or reliable. QuickBooks, Storyteller, and Excel are technology, but they are certainly not real automation.

Sage 100 Contractor is a solution for the construction industry that provides seamless integration and project reporting from the field to the back office and vice versa. It can give you complete visibility of your construction business and eliminate the guesswork. Take a look at what this construction software has to offer - it might be the solution you’ve been looking for to eliminate the guesswork of where your company and your projects stand.

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Keith Greeno
Written by Keith Greeno

Keith is the co-founder and president of Asyma Solutions Ltd. Keith practiced with a public accounting firm for over 25 years where he developed an extensive knowledge of effective management processes and system design. Since then Keith has focused on consulting in business analysis, system design/analysis, training, implementation, software installation and project management.

Keith Greeno
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