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Can You Know What You Don't Know?

Congressman Donald Rumsfeld said, “There are also unknown unknowns … the ones we don’t know we don’t know … it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones.”

Rumsfeld is right. You don’t know what you don’t know, and it's impossible to know everything. Being mindful and prepared for potential unknowns, however, will help you avoid making poor business decisions down the road. This strategy is about being aware of and managing unknown factors as well as implementing plans to reduce potential risks – versus fearing the unknown.

The experts at Asyma can help your business plan for unexpected occurrences that might result in lost revenue or opportunity.

Here are our recommendations for conquering the fear of the unknown:

Stay Current

Because technology is constantly changing, it is imperative for businesses to stay current with technology trends and topics. Dedicating time to ongoing education will produce positive long-term results.

Learn from Otherscontinuing education

Participating in professional online forums, watching webinars, and engaging in other learning pursuits raises awareness of the possible unknowns in your industry/profession. The advice and experiences of others can influence – positively and negatively – existing and future action plans.

Enlist the Help of a Consultant

Hiring an outside consultant can be one of the most effective methods of achieving a “big-picture” view of your business. A good consultant will challenge your assumptions and question your business decisions to drive improvement and innovation.

Continuously Review Business Process

Look at your processes and procedures. Examine your data. Talk to your employees. In doing so, you will uncover business issues that could benefit from reevaluation, revision, or elimination.

The experts at Asyma recognize the importance of understanding and properly managing all aspects of your business. By reviewing your current processes and practices, our team can help you implement a solution that will increase efficiency and productivity, improve employee job satisfaction, and increase revenue.

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