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How Engaged Employees Drive Innovation

If your business is anything like most businesses, a potentially inexhaustible source of workplace ideas and innovation lies untapped right under your nose. That innovation source is your employees. However, if your business is, again, anything like most businesses, a lack of employee engagement is most likely preventing you from leveraging that source.

What You Need to Know About Employee Engagement 

employee engagement

Every few years, research company Gallup conducts research into the status of employee engagement around the world. In 2012, the study found that 87% of the global workforce is unengaged in their work.

And, as we mentioned, your employees are important. Getting them engaged in your business is unleashing a rich source of company growth.

Employee engagement expert and author, Bob Kelleher, cites some more Gallup research findings in his article, Employee Engagement and Innovation. More research found, for example, that engaged employees are not only more creative individually but also that they feed off the creativity of their colleagues – as in, two heads are better than one.

Engage Your Employees to Get Ideas and Innovation

An engaged workforce can generate a wealth of collective insight as ideas or problems are discussed, debated, shared, and tested among people who want the best for your business.

Engagement unlocks discretionary effort from your employees. They feel motivated to think creatively and contribute ideas. In a true culture of engagement, they know they can do so without being stonewalled or having their suggestions rejected out of hand. 

That’s how an engaged workforce drives new workplace ideas and innovation within your company, and that’s why you should encourage employee engagement and utilize it as a key enabler for meeting your company’s strategic objectives.

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