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How Employee Engagement Drives New Business Leads

Studies have repeatedly shown that businesses that create an engaged workforce are more profitable, resilient, and able to cultivate growth. It is, therefore, surprising that so many organizations fail to provide the conditions necessary to promote growth through employee engagement. If your company is not exceeding your expectations, here's how employee engagement drives new business leads.

Just How Bad is Current Employee Engagement?

employee engagement in canadaFor evidence of the low levels of employee engagement, you need to look no further than the global surveys conducted by Gallup in 2012 and 2014. Steve Crabtree discussed the 2012 Gallup survey in an article called Worldwide, 13% of Employees Are Engaged at Work. The title of that article leaves little requirement for further explanation.

Nothing much had changed by the time Gallup’s Amy Adkins published her article summarizing the data from the same survey two years later, in 2014.

What Employee Engagement Will Improve

The same research that highlights the lack of employee engagement at home and around the world also strongly indicates a direct correlation between employee engagement and business performance.

With a determined commitment to take appropriate measures, your company really can boost growth through employee engagement.  

As Susan Sorenson, a writer for Gallup, reveals in her article, How Employee Engagement Drives Growth, companies with a high rate of employee engagement enjoy the following advantages:

  • Customer ratings are consistently higher
  • Productivity and profitability are greater
  • Safety incidents and inventory loss are lower
  • Absenteeism and employee turnover rates are lower

All of these advantages stimulate the conditions necessary for business growth.

How to Engage Employees to Achieve Results

Even small steps have a positive impact on performance outcomes. Simply asking your employees' opinions is a start to making them more actively engaged in your business. To further engagement, involve employees in deeper issues like process improvement initiatives and software implementations.

At Asyma Solutions, we make a point of listening to your employees as part of our business process reviews and solution development activities. To learn more about our implementation planning and integration services – and how to get your employees engaged in both – contact us today.

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