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Four Alberta Oil Sands Areas Have Active Canadian Oil Companies

Finally, all of your hard work is paying off – you just got word that one of the major Canadian oil companies in the Alberta oil sands wants your company to provide the product you’ve been pitching to them over the past few months.

What’s more, your product development will be utilized in not just one area, but all four sand projects the company is known for in the Athabasca Oil Sands region. 

Thinking back on your presentation, you have to smile because you really nailed the deal when you started talking sediments – and all becauseyou happened to read a report about the McMurray Formation and Wabiskaw Member sedimentology. 

Of course, you also discussed how your product will help the big company in the four locales known as:

oil sands pump facilityThe SAGD Clearwater Project

Made up of the McMurray Formation, this process uses steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) in its bitumen project; the coverage is a little over 27.3 sections.

Grand Rapids

The leases for these prospective sites are made up of 18 sections – also 4,608 hectares or 11,387 acres – and are situated near the Athabasca Oil Sands’ Thickwood property. Again, the bitumen resources are plentiful.

Algar Lake

Legacy holes already exist in this region that is further defined by the formations within the McMurray and Wabiskaw sediments. It has been some time since new holes have been drilled. The latest drilling dates back to the 1950-1960.

McKay River Project

The prospective bitumen formations are expected down about 200 meters; the region is sited within 5 sections – also 1,295 hectares or 3,200 acres. There are a number of other sand development operations currently ongoing, as well as control from previous exploratory drilling.

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