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A Single System Provides Multiple Benefits

You just recently landed several HVAC jobs – all in different regions of the province. To add to any possible confusion, you’ll be working on projects that are out of the planning-and-design phase and in the ready-to-start phase.

A critical part of your qualifying for the projects was the Energy Star certification you hold in commercial and industrial construction – you know what it takes to make HVAC systems more energy efficient.

Another positive development in your company is the deployment of a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, a customizable HVAC business software that replaced your old accounting software.

budgetincomeexpensescrosswordNow, you can use one integrated software program to process all aspects of payroll, including tax calculations and reporting requirements for meeting compliance requirements, which is crucial to maintaining the flow of materials and labor to your new and existing projects.

You can also analyze all aspects of the project and view results as real-time data on a customized dashboard. Accounting errors, like duplicate entries, are virtually non-existent. You always know what equipment is being underutilized in the field and, with an expanding workforce, you can track labor costs allocated to each project.

The ERP’s mobile abilities give you a competitive advantage in that they allow you to make quotes directly from the field; the remote access also allows you to order parts and equipment and assign jobs from wherever you are.

Do you have an enterprise resource planning system that you aren’t sure you’re using to its full potential? If so, contact Asyma Solutions today.

Choosing the Right Software

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