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Take Your Business to the Next Level Before You Feel Out of Control

Asyma Solutions Posted by Keith Greeno
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Posted on April 20, 2015 at 1:30 PM

We've all heard the saying: “The only thing constant in life is change.”

When you got into business, all you probably needed was a basic bookkeeping system – but things have changed. Now you have more complex reporting requirements, more employees, more projects to track, and more sales.

Being a savvy business owner, you learned to adapt through the years.

  • You added additional employees to handle the extra administration work.
  • You added additional administrative tasks to our production employees (which slow them down).
  • You added standalone non-integrated systems to solve specific problems.
  • You created workarounds so our current basic system could handle transactions.
  • You live without some of the critical information that would be vital to making decisions.

man_with_head_in_handsBut one day you wake up in bed, feeling out of control and understanding that you’re really not that small anymore. So you look at our company and try to figure out how the heck you got here. You have more spreadsheets than traffic photo radar units and you have production employees that aren’t productive anymore.

They’re called Growing Pains. And you are not alone – we all have them. The key is deciding what to do about them.

How do you move to a more powerful system without breaking the bank?  The answer is simple and also difficult. You must look at yourselves and your business and determine where you are and where you want to go. You must gather information from all departments and find what is really important to each department and how that ties into what’s important for the business as a whole.

The good news is there are many systems out in the market that can solve your problems and take your business to the next level. The tough part is selecting the right one for you.

There’s a good article called “Growing pains – What to do when you’ve outgrown small business accounting software” that discusses this issue in more detail. Visit our site or contact us to learn more.

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Keith Greeno
Written by Keith Greeno

Keith is the co-founder and president of Asyma Solutions Ltd. Keith practiced with a public accounting firm for over 25 years where he developed an extensive knowledge of effective management processes and system design. Since then Keith has focused on consulting in business analysis, system design/analysis, training, implementation, software installation and project management.

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