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Results Oriented Work Environments

A results oriented work environment (ROWE) is a human resource management strategy co-created by Jody Thompson and Cali Ressler. This strategy entails paying employees for the results of their work rather than the number of hours worked.   

I had the pleasure of attending a conference where Jody presented the concept of ROWE and how its focus narrows on met or unmet results. No longer should a company, manager, president, etc. have to keep a constant eye on employees. In a results oriented work environment, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm workdays no longer apply. As long as employees are meeting their target goals and producing results it does not matter what hours they keep or what days they work – all that matters is the results.    

man_in_timeI know what you’re thinking: some people in the organization will take advantage of this concept and hardly work/produce bare minimum results. And you have every right to think that, because it is true. For this concept to work everyone must realize that it is a two-way street. If employees are to have the freedom to work whenever and be trusted to produce results, then the employees must also understand that with this freedom can come dire consequences if they fail to produce those results. In extreme situations, a lack of results could even be a fire-able offense. No results equals no job. 

And why shouldn’t employees have the freedom to get their work done on their own time/schedule? Wouldn’t this increase their quality of life, which would, in turn, increase results, and therefore revenue, for the company? If you offer ROWE and your competitor does not, which company do you think employees and prospective employees would rather work for?

I believe that a results oriented work environment can be something amazing for business. No, it won’t work for all businesses – but it could work for yours.

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