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Integrating New Software without Interrupting Workflow

The most important part of implementing new software is doing so without interrupting workflow. You can't avoid downtime while you make the transition, of course, but how do you avoid losing additional working hours during the process?

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How to Have a Smooth Transition

If you want a smooth transition, you must train, train, train – and the training should start before the new system goes live. Your employees need to practice in a training mode so mistakes aren't real and they can't "mess up" the system. This teaches them the new way they'll be doing their jobs so that when the system does go live, they aren’t staring at a screen they don’t know how to use. Adequate training can be the difference between confident system changes and a very messy, unorganized integration period.

After your staff is trained and it’s time to roll out the new system, don’t take away all access to the old system. There may be emergency situations where you need data quickly, which can be frustrating and overwhelming to find in a brand new system. Allowing access to the old system for a brief period is important in getting quick answers during the adjustment period.

While giving access to old systems is important in the beginning, so is taking that system away to ensure that your team uses the new system. Giving your staff a go live date for the new system and an end date for the old system communicates your expectations and gives them time to prepare for these occurrences.

Switching systems can be stressful to you, your employees, and your business. By offering training and support, you can ease your employees' stress, prevent downtime to avoid losing profits, and have a successful implementation.

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