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Implementing Changes to Order Management for Service Businesses

Asyma Solutions Posted by Rob Greeno
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Posted on January 16, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Service businesses face unique challenges when it comes to managing orders. Making some changes to the order management process could contribute to boosting productivity and providing clients with a better experience. However, implementing changes to the order management process requires careful planning.

Investing In the Right Order Management Tool

The right order management tool should keep track of key performance indicators that show the overall health of your service business. The right tool should be flexible, easy to access by everyone involved, and have an intuitive interface. If possible, choose a comprehensive tool so that you can rely on the same database to monitor different processes, since order management is closely related to other processes such as marketing.

Automating the Order Process

best_practiceOrders are a lot easier to manage if an automated system records them and triggers the actions necessary to satisfy clients. You could, for instance, rely on an order management tool to send out automated emails to clients to let them know their order was successfully placed or to share updates with clients as their request is processed.

Implementing Changes

Implementing some changes to order management for a service business is a trial and error process. The right order management tool should provide you with detailed analytics on your business and help you identify areas that need to be improved. It is best to implement changes on a small scale at first and to define what would be considered as a success. Keep track of the experiment for at least a couple of weeks before deciding if you want to implement the change on a larger scale.

Getting Feedback from Clients and Employees

Relying on an order management tool and automating part of your processes is a great way to boost productivity. However, as a service business owner, your priority should be to make your clients happy. Ask your clients for some feedback on their experiences with the automated updates they received and ask about the expectations they have regarding the services you provide. You should also ask employees for feedback on your new order management tool or on the changes made to the order management process to make sure working conditions are ideal.

Remember that making some improvements to your order management process can take time. Start by selecting the right tool to automate this process and keep track of your results so you can identify the areas that need to be improved.

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Rob Greeno
Written by Rob Greeno

Rob Greeno graduated with a marketing diploma from Lethbridge Community College and a business management degree from Mayville State University. He has been with Asyma Solutions for over ten years. Rob meets with prospects to help them create the process needed to reach their biggest goals. He has a passion for providing businesses with systems and procedures that work the way they want and need. Rob’s goal is to catch the flaws before they have the potential to cause problems. When not working Rob enjoys the outdoors; hunting, fishing, skiing, camping, and spending lot's of time with his wife Mindy and two sons.

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