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4 Tips for Improving Change Management

Asyma Solutions Posted by Rob Greeno
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Posted on June 13, 2016 at 9:51 AM

Individuals and organizations resist change for multiple reasons, including being comfortable with current processes, fear of the unknown, and – unfortunate but true – laziness. If your employees are resistant to change and you let them "win" by avoiding change projects, your business will fall behind its competition and you'll lose great ideas and chances for improvement.

Upgrading or implementing new software and updating processes are common areas for change resistance.

Try a few of these tips for improving change management.

Offer an Explanationold_way_new_way.jpg

Sometimes the easiest way to overcome resistance is simply to explain why you're making the change. If you have compelling reasons and strong examples, people can understand the motives and accept it more willingly. In fact, expecting your employees to accept change blindly is a recipe for frustration on everyone's part.

Provide Relevant Info

You can offer too much information, however. Telling your employees every little thing about an upcoming change could cast a shadow over your central message, which is why you're choosing to make a change and why it's a positive thing. Explaining every detail – the budget, the timeline, etc. – is unnecessary. Your primary message should be clear and concise but, to avoid hiding details, make them available to those who are interested.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

When implementing change, expect to be asked questions, get comments, and listen to complaints. Although it feels tedious, it's important to offer your employees the opportunity to do all of those things – yes, even complain. Your employees need to feel heard, and addressing issues is a necessary step in creating a positive change environment.

How to Make Change Management Easier Webinar

Don't Reject Feedback

Don't immediately dismiss the questions, comments, and complaints from your employees. Perhaps a "complainer" has a valid point and addressing the issue could improve your project or prevent setbacks. Also, it's another way to ensure that your employees feel heard and can be involved in a process that's going to affect them daily.

Making big, company-wide changes like implementing new software or revamping processes is stressful for everyone, and that's why change management and having all your employees on board is so important – it makes the project much easier and improves your chances of success.

Questions about managing change more effectively and improving employee change acceptance? Contact Asyma Solutions today.


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How to Make Change Management Easier

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