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3 Things to Help Non-profit Management

Asyma Solutions Posted by Keith Greeno
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Posted on June 15, 2015 at 12:30 PM

Non-profit organizations help us address many of the world’s greatest challenges, tackling issues like poverty, disease, the environment, and human rights. With such important issues being dealt with, why is it that the leadership and management of these non-profit organizations don’t seem to focus on effective stewardship, productivity, and operational excellence? Why is it that they don’t focus on creating a culture of performance excellence and using technology to improve their operations?

superhero_leftFunding is always an issue, of course, but all organizations face resource restrictions. It is management’s role as stewards to allocate these resources in the most effective manner. If, therefore, process enhancements and technology make us more productive and add value, the board leadership and management must allocate funds to these projects.

So what are three things that the leadership and management can do to help non-profits strive for excellence?

Results Oriented Leadership and Management

This doesn’t just mean focusing on non-profit services – it also means creating clearly defined productivity performance results that are measurable and then tracking those metrics.

Create a Culture of Performance Excellence

Again, this doesn’t just mean focusing on non-profit services – it also means that you should work on creating a workforce that strives to fulfill your organization’s mission. Effective stewardship of resources and performance excellence are also important.

Take Technology Seriously and Invest When it Adds Value

This doesn’t mean jumping on the bandwagon of the month but rather constantly seeking breakthrough technology that can improve the overall performance of the organization and implementing it as soon as possible. It is difficult, if not impossible, to create a workforce culture of excellence if management doesn’t invest in technology to assist that workforce.

We need non-profit organizations because they fight for important causes. Just like any organization, however, they need to focus on effective stewardship, productivity, and operational excellence.

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Keith Greeno
Written by Keith Greeno

Keith is the co-founder and president of Asyma Solutions Ltd. Keith practiced with a public accounting firm for over 25 years where he developed an extensive knowledge of effective management processes and system design. Since then Keith has focused on consulting in business analysis, system design/analysis, training, implementation, software installation and project management.

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