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Ongoing Support & Training

A team of financial software experts, ready when you need them.

Ongoing Support & Training

A team of financial software experts, ready when you need them.

Getting accustomed to a new financial software system takes a long time. While most questions come up in the first few stages, you may still need to call for financial software support several months afterwards. 

Our support team is not only readily available, we also remember your details and preferences so we can pick up right where we left off. 

What You Can Expect From Ongoing Support & Training

A Team You Recognize

We get to know your business, and you get to know us. 

No Wait Times

Forget about “estimated 40-minute wait times.” When you call, we answer. 

Top Expertise

We have certified Sage software consultants as well as in-house CPAs that know business.

Consistent Training

We help both new hires and experienced users run your system more efficiently.

Quick Service

We’ve seen all the issues that can arise, and we can fix them promptly. 

Progressive Planning

Want to ease into your new system? We can help you introduce new features as you’re ready.

Financial software recommendations for your business in 3 minutes.

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It Starts With a Conversation

There’s no one-size fits all to creating effective accounting systems. So we first need to get to know you a little bit to understand your organization’s needs, current issues, and future opportunities.

If there seems to be a good fit, we’d move on to a full needs analysis, a cost/benefit analysis, and then a project proposal. But the first step is just to get to know each other, and there’s no pressure to move forward past there. So let’s connect!

This Could Benefit Your Team if You…

  • Want financial software support readily available
  • Want to work with a team that gets to know your business and remembers the details
  • Plan to hire new staff members who will use your financial software
  • Want to improve team member skills for your financial software
  • Are tired of financial software tutorial videos and webinars—you want a real person to help you

How it Works

1. Meet

First, we take the time to understand your business and determine your monthly needs. If we’ve implemented your software for you, this will already be complete. 

2. Evaluate

We will evaluate and discuss the most appropriate level of support for your business or organization.

3. Request Support

Contact our team whenever you’re:

  • Unsure about how to properly use your software
  • Unable to solve an issue, error, bug, or glitch
  • Looking to introduce a new feature
  • Hiring a new team member who needs training
  • Looking to enhance current team member efficiency with your software

Depending on your preference, you can email us at, log a case through our customer portal, or call 1-877-448-9895. The Asyma difference is that you get a live person when you call us.

Levels of Support

Support Agreement Options

A set monthly fee for ongoing support and training.

Intermittent Issues Support

If you need minimal support, we offer intermittent services outside our set monthly fees.

Ready to learn how ongoing support and training could benefit your business or organization? Book a 15-minute meeting with a member of our team. 

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“Of all the people that we have used to support Sage 300, your answers and solutions are the most simple, clear, and concise. We really appreciate it.”

— CanAlta Bindery & Graphics

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Guaranteed ROI

If you are not 100% satisfied with our services and software implementation, you will receive a 100% return.



Our consultants are highly experienced and have earned Asyma one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in North America.

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Fixed Pricing

Know your total cost up front. The price will never increase after what is agreed upon.

Talk to a member of our team to get started.

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