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Our Approach

Guiding Great Businesses 

Asyma Solutions was founded to provide customers, especially those in the Energy Field Service  and  Construction industries, with the pieces they were missing from other firms – the implementation of new solutions for their businesses using the best technology for their needs. It seemed to us that other firms were also failing to provide good management support to their customers and poorly assisting them with running their businesses.  

Asyma Solutions is different from other companies because we know that businesses desire systems that work and help them drive their company's profitability.

Our focus is on our customers' requirements. We make sure that the systems we implement solve their problems. This is so important to us that we guarantee that the system we install will solve the problem and save the customer money – or we’ll give them their money back.

We are able to do this because we are continuously improving ourselves. We keep on top of the latest technology and management practices. This way, we can provide our new customers, especially those in the Energy Field Service and Construction industries, with improved technology and offer established customers reviews and implementations of upgrades as they become available. 

We don’t charge our customers in the same way other firms do: instead of charging for “time spent,” we charge for “customer results delivered.” Before we start a project, we determine the value the customer will receive from the project and set a fixed fee up front. This allows the customer to evaluate the complete investment costs versus the potential benefits and savings to them. Further, as we mentioned above, we guarantee that the system will work and save them money or we offer them their money back.

It is our job to assist the customers in making wise and informed decisions.

It is our goal to never sell a customer a system that doesn’t work for them.

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It is critically important for every business to fully understand their requirements before any new system is selected or implemented.

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