Business Process Review

Small changes can often yield big returns. Customers who implement our discoveries typically see a return on their investment in a year or less, and many have saved over $250,000/year.

Does Your Business Need Optimization?

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, your business could see dramatic improvement from a business process review:

  • Do you have several methods for processing the same transaction?
  • Is your operational cost still high with no increased productivity?
  • Do you have numerous software solutions that do not talk to each other?
  • Do you rely on Excel spreadsheets too much?
  • Are your reports untimely and untrustworthy?
  • Does your business suffer a major drawback when a member of your team leaves?
  • Do you spend too much time onboarding and training new employees?
  • Do your employees need to work remotely and currently experience limitations?
  • Are you in the process of getting an ISO certification or recertification?

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Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

satisfaction-guaranteeIf, after 1 year, you feel you have not received sufficient value to offset the cost of our analysis review, we will refund you the difference. Our goal is 100% client satisfaction!

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. ASYMA is in the business of providing our customers with solutions and services that will yield the greatest return and value - even if that solution is not provided through us!


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Why Business Process Improvement and Documentation?

Cost and Time Savings
Business Process Improvement and Documentation provides a clear look at cost reduction opportunities and improved productivity and profitability. We also enable you to reduce new employee training cost and time.

Identify and Develop Strong Processes
An organization can be no better than its processes allow. We realize that all processes can be improved, making them an ideal place to start looking for business improvement opportunities to create positive lasting change.

Adapt or Die
As new management best practices evolve and business automation software is enhanced, businesses must evolve. We enable you take advantage of advances in technology and management best practices and drive change management.

Recapture Wasted Resources
We specialize in business process analysis and provide detailed evaluation that can reduce or eliminate countless hours every year. We help improve time management, remove duplication, eliminate bottlenecks, minimize human error, and allow you to optimize processes for ongoing success.

Find and Retain Hidden Knowledge
Experienced employees are hard to find and keep. Acquiring employee knowledge of your vital processes is essential to guarantee success. We help you capture and preserve knowledge with training manuals and process flowcharts to identify hidden opportunities, reduce key man risk exposure and improve the learning curve.

Prioritize Value
Not all processes carry the same value or importance. We take the time to understand your structure, technology, and personnel roles/responsibilities to understand how and why you currently handle processes.

ISO Certification
We can help you achieve recognized certifications or accreditations in quality management and ISO standard business processes and procedures documentation.


How We Help

Business Process Documentation

We help you identify, analyze and document all relevant internal information (policies, processes and procedures) necessary to properly execute your business objectives with reduction in cost and increased productivity.

Business Process Review

We evaluate your existing business policies, processes and procedures to ascertain if it is in line with leading practice while also itemizing the gaps and risks identified during the review.

Business Process Improvement and Redesign

We evaluate your existing business policies, processes and procedures, identify the gaps and risks and develop optimized business processes in line with leading practice which will enhance your organization’s productivity and reduce cost.



Success Stories


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See how Midlite Construction Ltd. eliminated countless hours of wasted time and provided better, more reliable management reports to all levels of managers and executives.
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Maverick Oilfield Services Ltd. knew they had processing issues and needed to change but didn't know how to proceed. They needed a system that would eliminate double entry, reduce errors, and provide timely project costing information to hold the project managers accountable.
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See how Athabasca Catering realized an implementation of greatly improved management processes for inventory, time collection and human resource functions.
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Mar-Quinn knew they had processing issues and needed to change but didn't know how to proceed. They needed a system that would provide accurate and timely project costing information to hold the project managers account- able and eliminate the double entry of transactions.
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