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We interview your employees, listen and understand your vision and goals.We listen, analyze and understand your current situation and business processes.


Software We Use

It is critically important for every business to fully understand their requirements before any new system is selected or implemented.



E3 Conference:Enable, Educate, Enlighten

E3 (Enable, Educate, Enlighten) showcases highly acknowledged professionals, industry leaders, experts and Sage Software reps.

Asyma focuses on serving clients that serve the oil and gas industry throughout Alberta, Edmonton and Saskatchewan. We do that by improving the processes and software that runs the business. Asyma is a VeraSage “Firm of the Future” and that means:

  • Fair and fixed pricing
  • We bill by project and work until completion
  • We have a full money back gurantee

Anyone who has ever had billable hours go far beyond the scope of a project understands how much a firm and fair “upfront” pricing can make the difference between the success of a project and a nightmare of a project.

Asyma believes that: 

  • Using technology and management best practices makes our customers successful.

  • Win-win relationships with all of our customers are the only relationships to pursue
  • Recommending only solutions that can be tied to measurable goals is in everybody’s interest in the long run.
  • Doing what is right is the right thing to do.

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