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Cloud Accounting for First Nations Online Presentation

Timely Decisions Drive Profitability & Cash Flow Improvements


First Nations Accounting

Paying Attention to the Details that Matter


Register to attend our complimentary online presentation.

Learn how you can streamline three of the most important accounting issues facing First Nations Financial Managers – Budgeting, Purchasing and Reporting.

Join us on Thursday, November 7th for a live webinar on First Nations Budgeting, Purchasing & Dimensional Cloud Accounting.

Learn how you can end budgeting, purchasing and planning spreadsheet nightmares once and for all:

  • Easily control your budgeting process from start to finish
  • Reporting/Dashboards to improve governance, accountability & transparency
  • One login to see all departments/business operations information
  • Liberate your organization from spreadsheets
  • Automated workflow for purchasing to departments with approvals
  • Improve cash management & control

FN Consolidated Chief & Council Reporting

Sage Intacct Cloud Accounting for First Nations Webinar Registration:
November 7th - 10:30 am to 12:00 pm (GMT)



Get a whole new perspective on your business with Dimensions

Dimensions capability offers an entirely new way to track and report on financial and operational data, while simplifying your chart of accounts. With this flexible financial foundation, you gain quick access to the insights that speed decision-making and help drive growth.

Many accounting packages are adopting the concept of custom dimensions but not all of them are truly dimensions. Custom fields are not dimensions. Additional journal entry attributes are not dimensions. These solutions may allow users to run filtered reports on a set of transactions, but a dimension has additional characteristics, such as:

  • You can budget dimensions. If you can’t define a budget on the dimension upon which to compare your results, it’s not a dimension.
  • Dimensions are available not only in general ledger transactions, but also in all operational transactions, such as programs.
  • Dimensions are a managed and controlled list, not free form text fields.
  • Dimension records can be grouped and, ideally, are hierarchical.
  • Dimensions are more than just lists of things. You should be able to track attributes of dimensions.

Learn how Dimensions can simplify your chart of accounts and track your business like never before, while streamlining and saving time reporting on all your organization’s activities.

FN Education Reporting Drill Down


FN Purchase Reporting